Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When the Elderly Stop Driving

Today's blog was supposed to be about paying for home health care. I'm going to postpone that topic until tomorrow. The reason? Partially to vent, partially to pass along information that I finally got.

The subject? How to turn in the driver's license of an elderly person that is no longer driving. You see, the insurance company wants proof that the person is no longer driving so you can't just cut up their driver's license.

The frustration? Trying to find out how to do that. Over the past few business days, I have attempted, multiple time, to get someone at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles on the telephone. I've tried at 7 AM when they say the office opens, I've tried mid-morning, I've tried mid-afternoon. Sometimes the recording comes on and says that due to heavy call volumes you must call back another time. Sometimes I have been able to actually get in the queue but after holding for an indefinite period of time, I've hung up. Soooooooo frustrating.

So today I finally had to go to the driver's license office in person, wait in line, and finally get to a live person. Here's the information so in the event you have to do it, you'll know how.

How to Turn in a Driver's License

If the driver can't come to the driver's license office themselves, as is the case with my client, the spouse can bring the driver's license in. But, the spouse must bring in their marriage license as identification. Otherwise, they will take the license but not be able to give you the proof you need for the insurance company. If there is no spouse, the person with Power of Attorney can bring in the license (with the Power of Attorney paperwork as identification).

Now, wouldn't you think they could put this information on their website!!!

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