Friday, July 8, 2011

Twitter and Daily Money Management

I'm off subject again but, hey, why not? I was at a business networking meeting the other night. I began speaking with a young man who told me that his business was social media marketing. This is one of those careers that didn't exist a few years ago. It's a subject that I'm actually quite interested in although a little skeptical as to how it may apply to my type of business.

I started to ask him questions about using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Of course he was horrified to find out that I only used Facebook to find my old grammar school and summer camp friends, had never sent a tweet, and only looked at cute dog videos on YouTube. He was happy to hear that I had a blog!

So, he told me I should link my blog to my Facebook page so that my friends would comment on my blog and then their friends would see my blog, and so on. In that way I could geometrically increase my blog audience. I think he thought I was some sort of a throwback to some ancient civilization when I told him that I wasn't comfortable using my friends in this way.

Then we moved on to using Twitter. I know what Twitter is although I'm not sure I get why anyone tweets. I know that I have a hard enough time keeping up with the news, the mail, the email, the texts, what to use my laptop for, do I need an iPad. Some days I'm sure that my smartphone is smarter than I am. Why I would want a constant stream of drivel is beyond me. When I'm at the gym, there is a twitter feed on the tv screen with motivational messages from personal trainers. Enlightening things such as 'finish strong' or 'I'm having a healthy egg white omelet for breakfast' or 'push harder'. Hmmmmmm.

I told my social media marketing guru that I didn't think it was wise for me to try to impart financial information in 140 character snippets to anyone. He insisted that keeping in touch in some way was critical so here are my sample tweets about my daily money management business life.

trying to get to client. 12 cars ahead of me at guard gate. will be late
lost in xyz village. every building looks exactly the same.

90 yr old client. 90 degrees in condo. am hot, hot, hot

30 years of financial records stacked on floor. am hyperventilating

What do you think?

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